March 23, 2020

Attn: JPS Staff, Clients, Neighbors of Clients, Suppliers, etc
Re: Ohio Department of Health “Stay at Home Order”

Johnson Property Services has been and will continue to monitor the situation during this coronavirus/COVID19 outbreak. JPS is in constant consideration of the health and wellness of our Staff on various fronts. We are also concerned with the quality and quantity of work that we can provide for our clients safely to ensure their satisfaction with whatever it is that we do for them.

We continue to consider options and adjust plans as new information is presented to help us move forward and…..”Do the Right Thing”, “Take Care of the People that Take Care of Us”, as well as ensure “It has to Work for Everyone if it is Going to Work for Anyone” with any actions we take or changes that are made at JPS. These are three things that we use to guide us every day in what we do and how we do it. It is even more so the case considering the current health crisis.

Due to the recent “Stay at Home Order” given by Governor DeWine and Dr. Acton, the Director of the Ohio Health Department, and based off of information and criteria within this Order, Johnson Property Services provides services that are considered to be “Essential Business”, Section 9, Essential Infrastructure, which includes but is not limited to the performance or work necessary to offer, provision, operate, maintain and repair Essential Infrastructure. Therefore, Johnson Property Services plans to continue operate and provide services as well as perform work for our Clients.

We are aware of the recommendations of the “Social Distancing” guidelines and will advise all Staff at JPS to abide by them. JPS will continue to monitor and assess the situation as well as consider suggestions and follow directives of Local, State and Federal agencies during throughout the health crisis. We have pulled excerpts from the formal statement to highlight and share the items that appear to apply to us the most with JPS Staff as well as created a “Best Practices” document for Staff to refer to and follow to ensure we are doing our part to maintain our health as well as that of those we work for and the communities we work in.

Amber Johnson – Co Owner/Business Operations Manager
Jason Johnson – Co Owner/Field Operations Manager